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Why Argutes?

Course with speed and accuracy improving approach

Speed & Accuracy

Our courses teach you the fastest way to solve the questions with accurate results. This an important difference between aspirants who clear the exam and fail the exam.

Simple to prepare for competitive exams

Simplifies your preparation

The courses for bank exams and UPSC civil service exams from Argutes are designed exclusively to simplify the preparation for the aspirants

Covers entire syllabus for competitive exams in India

Complete coverage

The courses for bank exams and IAS/IPS exams cover the all needed areas for preliminary exams, mains exam & interviews.

Courses we offer for the competitive exams

UPSC Prelims GS1 - 15 Mock tests

UPSC Prelims 2021 - Test Series

15 Mock tests - Including 5 Live Tests.
Ranking, Reports, etc.,

Argutes - Online course for Bank exams

Bank Exams

The complete online course for all bank exams, Including IBPS PO, IBPS clerk, SBI PO, SBI clerk, etc.

UPSC Civil service Exam online course - 2022

UPSC Civil services exam (IAS/IPS)

The complete online course for UPSC civil services exams, to bring your dream of IAS/IPS true.

What do you get from our online courses?

  • Immersing video classes
  • Clear preparation plan
  • Entire course on mobile application
  • Cost-effective online course
  • Online support on doubts clearing

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7 Stunning Benefits in Online Coaching for Bank and UPSC exams

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About us

Origin of Argutes

Argutes Smart Learning is a competitive exams online teaching platform that helps aspirants gain entry into worthwhile jobs in the government sector. It is an educational start-up of two engineers, who started their professional careers with top business houses. In their hearts, they share a common fire for bringing the change in the competitive exams environment and believe big changes start from a small origin.

In today’s world of stiff competition, Argutes is the one-stop destination and the best Exam Preparation platform for Competitive Exams. The reason behind introducing this amazing platform to the world is that they have failed to find a class that gives all the necessary teaching in one place with good quality.

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