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About Us

Argutes Smart Learning is a competitive exams online teaching platform that helps aspirants gain entry into worthwhile jobs in the government sector. It is an educational start-up of two engineers, who started their professional careers with top business houses. In their hearts, they share a common fire for bringing the change in the competitive exams environment and believe big changes start from a small origin.


In today’s world of stiff competition, Argutes Smart learning is the one-stop destination and the best Exam Preparation platform for Competitive Exams. The reason behind introducing this amazing platform to the world is that they have failed to find a class that gives all the necessary teaching in one place with good quality.

To deliver enhancing education to the people throughout the country to exponentially upgrade their career in all possible means.

To provide precisely and comprehensively designed online courses for the aspirants to achieve their life-changing goals.

At Argutes, we are committed to focusing on three parameters namely the precise education, Interactive education, and affordable education. Therefore to make it happen, we are training the aspirants who are preparing for competitive exams, by nourishing them with the nectar of the right knowledge and required skills. Having said that, making preparation interesting, fun, and simultaneously loaded with the right quality is our another target. So, this challenge lies in our minds, and to learn the power of new technology in education. We have designed our educational platforms with high-quality video lectures delivered by the finest lecturers in the country, which will provide you with an in-depth and personalized learning experience. Right education, if not provided at the right price, makes it aimless. Therefore, keeping in mind the gestures of support towards the students, our courses are available at very affordable fees. And also, they are kept free for the students coming from underprivileged families and passing our talent assessment.
UPSC Civil services/ IAS exam is just the beginning of the fire we lit. Classes for the other competitive exams are in the queue that will help you in achieving sure-shot success in preparation and also it will help you to crack multiple entrance exams.