Project Elephant- An Overview for UPSC Exams

Introduction Environment is a subject that holds immense importance in the UPSC Civil services examinations. It guarantees a candidate good marks if he is thorough with all the major landmarks that have happened in the field. Today, this article will cover one such important topic- Project Elephant. UPSC civil services exam – Mains GS3 – … Read more

6 Ways to Improve marks in UPSC General Studies Paper 1

UPSC prelims exams are considered to be the doors that open you to the real competitive world. The UPSC prelims consist of two papers: General Studies 1 and General Studies 2. Out of these only the cut-off of the former matters in the prelims competition while the marks in the latter are qualifying in nature. … Read more

Are Mock Tests Essential to clear the UPSC Prelims exams?

UPSC exam is the most important competitive exam not just in India but across the world. It is especially known for the difficulty level of its questions. Therefore, becoming a civil servant is considered to be a cup of tea for brilliant and the most tactful people. As an aspirant who is looking forward to … Read more

7 Stunning Benefits in Online Coaching for Bank and UPSC exams

Benifits of Online education

Our country is currently going through the toughest of its challenging times. With the pandemic on its much stronger second wave, people from all walks of life are finding it difficult to cope up with the situation. Livelihoods are affected; health conditions irrespective of one’s age are getting worsened. But, what about the younger aspiring … Read more

5 Simple Habits: Make Your Competitive Exam Preparation Interesting

Daily Habits - Decides your future

A routine study plan can sap the energy out of anyone. If one is preparing for competitive exams the weight on one’s shoulders will be even more. Competitive exams in India are a kind of a huge deal when it comes to deciding the future of the younger generation. Preparing for government jobs and undertaking … Read more

How to Prepare for Bank Exams?

Bank exams Preparation

Preparing for a government job is like a huge mountain to conquer for many. But, once you get into the track of preparation, the climbing part becomes easier as you get closer to the destination. Bank exams are one such huge mountain that you can crack once you get into the depth of the dynamics … Read more

10 Upcoming bank exams – Possibly you can clear

A well-paying stable job is anyone’s dream. In our country where the public sector is given much importance, the competition to be a part of the same is very high. Getting recruited to any public sector institution is now a very difficult yet not an impossible task. With the recent trends of privatization and more … Read more