Bank Exam Current Affairs – 22 August 2021

First EV-friendly highway

  1. Delhi-Chandigarh Highway first EV-friendly highway in India.
  2. The EV charging station at Karna resort is strategically located at the midpoint of the Delhi-Chandigarh highway. It is equipped to cater to all types of e-cars currently in the country.

RBI instructions for banks on locker management

As per the revised guidelines, banks will be required to incorporate a clause in the locker agreement prohibiting the hirer from keeping anything illegal or hazardous in lockers

Ubharte Sitaare Fund

  1. The Ubharte Sitaare Fund has been set up by Exim Bank and SIDBI.
  2. The fund is expected to identify Indian enterprises with potential advantages by way of technology, products, or processes along with export potential, but which are currently underperforming or unable to tap their latent potential to grow.

Swaption Deals

India’s first set of ‘swaption’ deals with HSBC and Standard Chartered Bank, heralding a new era of risk management in the country’s interest-rate derivatives market that needs to introduce world-class solutions to draw more overseas funds into local debt assets.

Radhakishan Damani

D-Mart owner Radhakishan Damani enters the top 100 global billionaires’ club.