Bank Exam Current Affairs – 28 October 2021

The Civil Aviation Ministry has notified a traffic management framework for drones under which public and private third-party service providers will manage their movement in the airspace under 1,000 feet.

Current air traffic management (ATM) systems have not been designed to handle the traffic from unmanned aircraft.


  1. The integration of UTM and ATM will be important to continuously separate manned and unmanned aircraft from each other in the airspace.
  2. DigitalSky platform shall continue to be the interface for government stakeholders to provide approvals and permissions to drone operators wherever required, according to the framework.
  3. All drones (except Nano drones operating in the green zone) shall be required to mandatorily share their real-time location
  4. It is shared through the network to the Centre either directly or through third-party service providers, it mentioned.

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2. Queen Heo Hwang-ok Memorial Park

  1. On the banks of the Sarayu in Ayodhya, acres of green space, mostly known as Ram Katha Park, have been through a major beautification exercise.
  2. Once inaugurated on November 4, the spruced-up space will be known as Queen Heo Hwang-ok Memorial Park after a Korean queen believed to have had Indian roots.
  3. Earlier this month, the Delhi-based Korean Centre for Culture, in collaboration with the Indian Council for Cultural Relations, showcased a musical depicting the story of the queen at Kamani Auditorium.

3. New Security Ink Developed

  1. Indian scientists have developed a highly stable and non-toxic security ink from nano-materials that spontaneously emit light (luminescent) due to its unique chemical properties to combat the counterfeiting of branded goods, banknotes, medicine, certificates, and currency.
  2. The luminescent security ink developed by the researchers is based on lanthanide ions (Ln3+) doped Gd1-xBixPO4 nano-materials.
  3. It showed very strong downshifting as well as upconversion luminescence properties.
  4. Also, the downshifting luminescence color of the ink is highly dependent on the excitation wavelength making it difficult to decode the covert tag, it added.
  5. These luminescent nanomaterials were synthesized via a simple co-precipitation method.

4. ROIP System

  1. In view of a much-needed solution for providing effective long-range Marine communication, the Radio over internet protocol (ROIP) System at Syama Prasad Mookerjee Port, Kolkata (SMP, Kolkata), was inaugurated last evening. ROIP system is being introduced as a marine communication mode, for the first time in any Major Indian Port.
  2. It shall cover the entire Hugli River Estuary from Kolkata to Sandheads, having base stations at 4 Locations. With this facility, vessels at Sandheads can be directly communicated via Radio, from Kolkata, especially during storms and inclement weather.

5. Climate Vulnerability Index

  1. Environmental think tank Council on Energy, Environment, and Water have carried a first-of-its-kind district-level climate vulnerability assessment, or Climate Vulnerability Index (CVI), in which it has analyzed 640 districts in India to assess their vulnerability to extreme weather events
  2. According to CVI, Assam, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Bihar are most vulnerable to extreme climate events such as floods, droughts, and cyclones in India.
  3. The CVI has ranked 20 states out of which Assam and Andhra Pradesh are the most vulnerable to extreme weather events, and Kerala, Tripura, and West Bengal are the least vulnerable.

6. Board of Governors Meet AIIB

India’s Finance and Corporate Affairs Minister participated in the 6th Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), via video conference.

About the Meet

  1. At their annual meeting, the Board of Governors takes key decisions on important matters relating to AIIB, and its future vision.
  2. As a founding member and the second-largest shareholder in AIIB, India also has one of the largest project portfolios within it.
  3. This year’s meet has been jointly organized by AIIB and the United Arab Emirates government on the theme of “Investing Today and Transforming Tomorrow”.

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7. ADB loans to Mizoram

  1. The Asian Development Bank and the Government of India today signed a $4.5 million project readiness financing (PRF) loan to support project preparation and design activities to improve urban mobility in Aizawl, the capital city of the northeastern state of Mizoram.
  2. The PRF supports the development of long-term solutions to improve urban mobility in Aizawl by identifying high-priority urban transport investments for the ensuing project and enhancing its readiness
  3. The PRF will develop a Comprehensive Mobility Plan (CMP) for Aizawl that outlines the urban transport development strategy, build synergies with urban development planning initiatives in the state,

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8. US and India MOU

  1. The Navy will strengthen its anti-submarine capability with the Defence Ministry signing a contract with the US Government for the procurement of MK 54 Torpedo and expendable (chaff and flares) at a cost of Rs 423 crore.
  2. MK 54 Torpedo & expendable (chaff and flares) will strengthen the Navy’s anti-submarine capability
  3. US surface ships, fixed-wing aircraft, and helicopters will use these as a primary anti-submarine weapon

9. Writing for My Life: The Very Best of Ruskin

    1. A new anthology, “Writing for My Life”, released brings together some of the most exemplary stories, essays, poems, and memories by celebrated award-winning author Ruskin Bond.
    2. It is published by Penguin Random House India (PRHI).
    3. It comes 25 years after the publication of another anthology, “The Best of Ruskin Bond”.