Bank Exam Current Affairs 30th and 31st Aug 2021

IIT Madras’ E-Source Seeks To Tackle E-Waste

  1. Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (IIT-M) is developing an innovative model to tackle electronic waste (e-waste) by linking stakeholders in the formal and informal economy.
  2. Called ‘e-Source,’ it will be an exchange platform that will serve as an online marketplace for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and facilitate a formal supply chain between buyers and sellers.
  3. This initiative can become a critical resource by enabling reverse logistics supply chains and help recycle 53.6 million tonnes of e-waste the world generates annually and is potentially a $50 billion market.

August 30

The ministry of micro, small & medium enterprises observes National Small Industry Day on August 30 to promote small industries across the country

Laddu Distribution Scheme

  1. Aim: Not to have a single under-nourished mother and child in the constituency.
  2. Launched in Gandhinagar for pregnant women
  3. Around 7,000 pregnant women will be provided 15 nutritious laddus each free of cost every month till the birth of their child, through NGOs


  1. Launched in 2018
  2. Women and Child Development Ministry will celebrate the POSHAN Maah across the nation throughout the next month.
  3.  POSHAN Abhiyaan is the government’s flagship program to improve nutritional outcomes for children, adolescent girls, pregnant women, and lactating mothers.
  4. The POSHAN (Prime Minister’s Overarching Scheme for Holistic Nutrition) Abhiyaan directs the attention of the country towards the problem of malnutrition and addresses it in a mission mode.
  5. POSHAN Abhiyaan is a People’s Movement by incorporating inclusive participation of public representatives of local bodies, government departments, social organizations, and the public and private sector at large.

SAMRIDH program

  1. Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MeitY) has launched the ‘Start-up Accelerators of MeitY for Product Innovation, Development and growth (SAMRIDH)’ program.
  2. To create a conducive platform for Indian Software Product start-ups to enhance their products and secure investments for scaling their business.
  3. Focuses on accelerating the 300 start-ups by providing customer connect, investor, connect, and international immersion in the next three years.
  4. To provide an investment of up to Rs 40 lakh to the start-up based on the current valuation and growth stage of the Start-Up through selected accelerators.
  5. Being implemented by MeitY Start-up Hub (MSH).

Most surveilled in the world

  1. Delhi and Chennai are among the most surveilled in the world, ahead of Chinese cities
  2. Data for the world’s most surveilled cities shows that India’s capital city New Delhi ranks first with 1,826.6 cameras per square mile, while Chennai which has 609.9 cameras per square miles ranks third;
  3. London is second (1,138.5 cameras) and Mumbai at 18 (157.4 cameras)


International Day against Nuclear Tests

  1. The International Day against Nuclear Tests is an event that is held on August 29 each year.
  2. The organizers of the event aim to bring about awareness regarding the harmful effects of testing nuclear weapons and calls for an end to such tests.
  3. The International Day against Nuclear Tests was established on December 2, 2009, by the United Nations General Assembly in its 64th session and adopted unanimously.
  4. Kazakhstan initiated this resolution to celebrate the 18th anniversary of the closing of the USSR-controlled Semipalatinsk Nuclear Test Site at Kazakhstan in 1991.


  1. The web version of e-GOPALA application developed by the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) has been launched to aid dairy farmers.
  2.  The NDDB has launched the web version of e-GOPALA application and IMAP web portal which provides real-time information to dairy farmers for better productivity of dairy animals


PhonePe: Insurance Broking License

  1. Fintech major PhonePe announced that it has been issued an Insurance Broking license from the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI).
  2. PhonePe entered the Insurtech sector with a limited insurance ‘corporate agent’ license, which restricted the company to partner with only three insurance companies per category.
  3. Now, with this new ‘Direct Broking’ license, PhonePe can distribute insurance products from all insurance companies in India.
  4. The new broking license also allows PhonePe to start offering personalized product recommendations to its 300+ million users and offering a more diverse portfolio of insurance products for consumers.
  5. North Korea resumes nuclear operation


  1. Odisha’s Kendrapara became the only district in India to be home to all three species of crocodilians found in the country.
  2. This was after forest officials found a baby gharial (Gavialis gangeticus) in a river system of the district.
  3. The crocodilian family consists of 27 different species that are subdivided into three families: True crocodiles, alligators and caimans, and gharials.
  4. All three species of crocodilians in the river systems of Odisha were on the verge of extinction by the 1970s. Piecemeal efforts were being made from the 1960s onwards to save them.
  5. The gharial and saltwater crocodile conservation program was first implemented in Odisha in early 1975 and subsequently, the mugger conservation program was initiated.
  6. The Ramatirtha center, meant for mugger crocodiles within the Similipal Tiger Reserve, initially started with eggs and juveniles of muggers procured from Tamil Nadu.

New Toy Train Saffari on Darjelling himaiyas route

  1. Indian Railways in a bid to provide a boost to the covid-hit tourism sector has decided to launch a regular Jungle Tea Toy-Train Safari from Siliguri junction to Rongtong station in West Bengal.
  2. Indian Railways’ Northeast Frontier Railway (NFR) zone which operates the world-famous Darjeeling Himalayan Railway (DHR) has announced the new service.
  3. Tourists can enjoy the breathtaking views of Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary and the hills from the toy train. It is a three-hour journey and after reaching Rongtong station they will come back to Siliguri junction again

Latham’s Snipe

  1. Latham’s Snipe breeds in northern Japan and parts of eastern Russia during May-July and spends its non-breeding season (September to March) along Australia’s eastern coast.
  2. It arrives at its destination severely malnourished and spends the Australian summer months building up its strength and body fat to complete its long return flight.

  3.  It flies non-stop for five days over thousands of kilometers of ocean twice a year, for every year of its life
  4. It hides away in thickly vegetated wetlands during the day to avoid local predators.
  5. This migratory shorebird, similar in size to a blackbird, completes this grueling migration to warmer climes, where it prepares itself for its return flight and the next breeding season.
  6. Unfortunately, their wetland habitat is now being lost to development and other pressures, putting this tough little bird at risk.


IIT Roorkee, NDMA developed an app that predicts natural disasters

  1.  In a joint venture with National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), IIT Roorkee has built an app that can predict natural disasters
  2. It will predict the amount of rainfall that will be received in every area

North Korea appears to have resumed nuke reactor operation

  1. The annual report by the IAEA refers to a 5-megawatt reactor that produces plutonium, one of the two key ingredients used to build nuclear weapons, at North Korea’s main nuclear complex in Yongbyon.
  2. North Korea appears to have restarted the operation of its main nuclear reactor used to produce weapons fuels.
  3. The annual report by the IAEA refers to a 5-megawatt reactor that produces plutonium, one of the two key ingredients used to build nuclear weapons, at North Korea’s main nuclear complex in Yongbyon.

China to require foreign vessels to report in ‘territorial waters’

  1.  ‘55% of India’s trade via the South China Sea, the Malacca Straits’
  2. Over $5 trillion trade passes through the South China Sea, and 55% of India’s trade pass through its waters and the Malacca Straits, according to estimates by India’s Ministry of External Affairs (MEA).
  3.  China claims under a so-called “nine-dash line” on its maps most of the South China Sea’s waters, which are disputed by several other countries, including the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Indian and Algerian navies carry out the maiden exercise

  1. The navies of India and Algeria have carried out a maiden naval exercise off the Algerian coast, in reflection of growing maritime cooperation between the two sides.
  2. Indian Navy’s stealth frigate INS Tabar and Algerian naval ship ANS Ezzadjer were part of the maritime partnership exercise

Yogesh Kathuniya

  1. India’s Yogesh Kathuniya wins a silver medal today in the men’s discus throw F56 event in the ongoing Tokyo Paralympics.
  2. Yogesh Kathuniya registered his season-best attempt of 44.38 in the men’s F56 final.
  3. Yogesh threw 44.38 in his sixth and final attempt to take up the top spot before Claudiney Batista of Brazil fired 44.57 in his first attempt to dethrone the Indian athlete.

2021 ASBC Asian Youth & Junior Boxing Championships:

  1. Youth Boxers Win 6 Gold, 9 Silver and 5 Bronze; Junior Contingent Sign Off with 19 Medals, Including 8 Gold
  2. Preeti Dahiya and three other youth women bag gold as India ended the campaign on a high with 39 medals.
  3. India had already won 19 medals, including eight gold, five silver, and six bronze medals, in the junior event played earlier.
  4. The youth boxers added 20 more medals (six gold, nine silver, and five bronze) to India’s tally at the prestigious continental event, where both the age groups—junior and youth—were played together for the first time.

Gail Omvedt

  1. Noted academician Dr. Gail Omvedt died Wednesday at the age of 81.
  2. Dr. Gail Omvedt co-founded Shramik Mukti Dal with her husband and activist Bharat Patankar.
  3. An American-born Indian scholar, she authored books on Dalit politics, women’s struggles, and the anti-caste movement.