5 Simple Habits: Make Your Competitive Exam Preparation Interesting

A routine study plan can sap the energy out of anyone. If one is preparing for competitive exams the weight on one’s shoulders will be even more. Competitive exams in India are a kind of a huge deal when it comes to deciding the future of the younger generation. Preparing for government jobs and undertaking a lot of stress and tension for those exams is a common thing among the employable age group these days. If you are one of these people who wish to crack these competitive exams and dream to be a Bank PO or a Civil servant and are working hard to achieve the same, then you need to be aware of certain things that can help you to make the process of studying riveting.

Yes, good habits can make the learning process for competitive exams interesting. There are quite a few habitual practices that can make the hard days less burdensome. Here is a list of 5 such habits that you can adopt in your life to help you crack competitive exams:

  • Reading motivational quotes
  • Controlled use of social media
  • Daily reading of newspaper
  • Setting small milestones
  • Finding your ideal time to learn

Let’s look into these…

Reading motivational quotes

The benefits of motivating oneself or others during their hard times can provide huge advantages for their well-being. As a person who is preparing for bank exams or any similar exams, you will go through a rollercoaster of emotions and circumstances that may pull you down. This journey can have a very serious impact on one’s mental health as the package of success comes along with failures. A banking aspirant will have to deal with exams continuously one after the other once the period of exam commences. Results will also be released similarly. Getting upset or a feeling of disappointment will be usual once the aspirants start experiencing the real taste of the exams. However, this is just a phase.

Reading motivational quotes and watching motivational videos is the best remedy to feeling blue. No one reaped success within a day and the quotes and life experiences of great personalities tell us the same. Spending some time knowing these stories can only do good for a hardworking person. It will help to boost one’s confidence in multiple ways. If you are not into watching videos, then reading biographies of famous personalities will help. Their hardships and life lessons can make one understand how even the most difficult situations change with time. Set a definite time in your weekly schedule for this. Do not spend too much time on the same. You may refer to Argutes’ Instagram post in this link for limited motivational quotes. 

Controlled use of social media

Humans tend to stay connected with outside world irrespective of what work he is indulging in. Social media has its boon and banes. If you put your mind into it, you can reap the benefits, while ignoring the weeds. A mistake that is committed by competitive exam aspirants is that they isolate themselves to make the most use of the studying time. While this may seem a useful habit, in reality, it is not. Over isolation from what is happening around you, can make the process of learning sometimes more stressful. 

Learn to use social media in a controlled manner. Set a time to know what your loved ones are doing and get in touch with them once in a while. Having conversations and taking time off using these measures can help a person to relieve the build-up tension. But, this should not take over the study time and you need to be aware when that happens. Social media can get addictive easily and one needs to be very vigilant while making use of these facilities. It is you who need to control your instincts and not them controlling you.

To have good control of your time and also to engage in the social world, here Argutes’ Instagram provides you calculated daily doses needed for your competitive exams.

Daily reading of newspapers

A daily habit of reading newspapers is said to be the most important quality that defines an ideal competitive exam aspirant. Irrespective of the exam that you are preparing for, reading the newspaper is important for cracking the exam. Be it Bank Clerk, Bank PO, SSC, Railways, and Civil Service, frequently updating knowledge of current affairs and thorough the learning of general knowledge is unequivocally an important part that decides your success chance. The best way to do so is to read newspapers. Try to read at least two newspapers some days, especially for important issues, to get perspectives from a different point of view. Reading news magazines and competitive exam periodicals are good habits too.  These will give in-depth knowledge of important affairs. It is recommended to visit the Argutes’ UPSC daily current affairs section if you are preparing for the civil service exam to have daily insights.

Moreover, a thorough and continuous reading of these materials helps in the gradual improvement of one’s verbal knowledge as well. It is a known fact that English is a compulsory section in almost all competitive exams of banks barring the RRB Clerk and PO preliminary exams. Reading helps in comprehending ideas faster which is a necessity to score good marks in comprehension questions in this section. For those who are not comfortable with the language, it is recommended to read newspapers and news magazines daily to improve their verbal ability.

Setting small milestones

Studying a ton of things as part of preparing for bank exams can make it look like a huge and long task. And this is true to an extent. The syllabus set by IBPS is vast and an aspirant should not compromise while learning these topics. He should understand each subject and try to learn by practicing, reading, watching videos, and learning new tricks. He should also without fail revise these things too. He should constantly cover all the important current affairs and learn banking and static general knowledge along with it.

This shows how much is there on his plate while he continues to learn till the day of success. The best way to make it bearable is by setting small milestones. Only a person knows and understands his capabilities. Therefore, he should set deadlines for each of the work that has to be completed. Setting milestones can help an aspirant analyze how far he has come from the initial point. This in turn will make him more confident in dealing with the rest of the topics as well. 

One way to set milestones is to divide the chapters into small topics and dividing them further into subtopics. This way, he does not feel like covering a huge topic at once. Slowly and steadily, a bit by bit, the portions will get covered without even the person knowing covering a huge syllabus. You can develop your own way of setting milestones based on your whims.

Finding your ideal time to learn

Ultimately, it is the time you choose to learn that helps you in effective preparation. No matter what techniques or tricks you adopt to study, the time in which you learn plays the most important role. It is said so, because, the perfect the time of studying is, the better and faster way you tend to learn. When your mind is free and fresh and devoid of other thoughts, the concept easily gets registered there. Therefore, the ideal time would be when you can sit and learn continuously without distraction; a time where you can give your hundred percent in learning. It is observed that many choose early morning to learn difficult topics or confusing subjects as this is the time when your mind stays fresh after waking up when the atmosphere is less chaotic. On the other hand, some find this time difficult to concentrate as they are not able to come out of the sleeping mode completely. If this is so, then you can find any other time in a day that you feel is comfortable for you. A happy and healthy mind is a must for effective learning.

These are just a few habits that can help you in your effective learning process for competitive exams. There are a lot more than you can adopt in your daily life if you are willing to. Good habits can never go in vain and an aspirant of bank exams needs to develop at least a few basic ones like the ones mentioned in this article for sure shot success.