5 Simple Habits: Make Your Competitive Exam Preparation Interesting

Daily Habits - Decides your future

A routine study plan can sap the energy out of anyone. If one is preparing for competitive exams the weight on one’s shoulders will be even more. Competitive exams in India are a kind of a huge deal when it comes to deciding the future of the younger generation. Preparing for government jobs and undertaking … Read more

Age limit and the Relaxations for Bank Exams

Bank Exams are one of the most sought-after government exams in India. Every year lakhs of aspirants appear for the bank exams. With an increase in the number of students appearing for the exam, the competition is at an all-time high. The vacancies available for the posts are limited as well. Four bodies conduct the … Read more

How to Prepare for Bank Exams?

Bank exams Preparation

Preparing for a government job is like a huge mountain to conquer for many. But, once you get into the track of preparation, the climbing part becomes easier as you get closer to the destination. Bank exams are one such huge mountain that you can crack once you get into the depth of the dynamics … Read more

10 Upcoming bank exams – Possibly you can clear

A well-paying stable job is anyone’s dream. In our country where the public sector is given much importance, the competition to be a part of the same is very high. Getting recruited to any public sector institution is now a very difficult yet not an impossible task. With the recent trends of privatization and more … Read more