Monthly current affairs summary – October 2021

Current affairs play a vital role in UPSC civil service exam preparation. The daily current affairs from the daily news’ are one of these important areas. This section gives you a very brief summary of the important topics to be covered. You may use this section for revising your preparation. Nevertheless, we recommend you visit our daily current affairs section that gives a comprehensive analysis of the topics needed to be studied for the UPSC civil service exam.

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7 Stunning Benefits in Online Coaching for Bank and UPSC exams

Benifits of Online education

Our country is currently going through the toughest of its challenging times. With the pandemic on its much stronger second wave, people from all walks of life are finding it difficult to cope up with the situation. Livelihoods are affected; health conditions irrespective of one’s age are getting worsened. But, what about the younger aspiring … Read more

Competitive Exams – A Quick Guide to Choose wisely

Competitive Exams - A Quick Guide to Choose wisely

Competitive Exams become a part of our life as soon as we graduate. They are the scanner of your future career. Competitive Exams in India validate our capabilities and responsibilities in doing a government job. Whatever exam it is, every competitive exam has its own essence and value. Preparing for one competitive exam can ease … Read more

Bank exams – A Road Map

Cracking bank exams is an easy target compared to other government exams and it provides a healthy and happy lifestyle. Nowadays bank jobs have a great demand and they are one of the solutions for unemployment. The online bank exam course from Argutes makes it possible to clear bank exams easily, but without your effort, … Read more