Daily Current Affairs for UPSC – Civil Services Examination (IAS exam) – 01-June-2020

In Today’s News

  1. Trump postpones G7 summit
  2. Too many  for aspirants for MNGREGS Jobs
  3. Rare Scorpion Fish found in Gulf of Mannar
  4. SpaceX’s spacecraft successfully launched

1. Trump postpones G7 summit:

 Prelims GS– International Relations & Mains GS2 – International Relations

President of America Donald Trump has postponed the G7 summit. He thinks that the current G7 setup is outdated and would like to invite more countries. India, Russia, South Korea and Australia are on the expanded list of invitees to the G7 summit. It is not clear whether it is going to be a permanent expansion or just an invitation to these countries.

Prelims: International Relations

  • It is an International Intergovernmental organization
  • It consists of  7 largest advanced economies of the World as members. They are,
    • US
    • UK
    • Canada
    • France
    • Germany
    • Japan
    • Italy
  • India is not a member of G7.
  • 45th G7 summit was held in Biarritz, France, and Hon’ble PM of India Shri. Narendra Modi attended the meeting as a special invitee to the G7 summit.

 2. Too many aspirants  for MGNREGS Jobs:

Prelims GS– Economic development & Mains GS3 – Economic development

Due to the Covid-19 lockdown, many migrants have been returning back to their native places. This has led to reverse migration from urban to rural areas. The ultimate effect of this is all the people who have returned back to rural areas have been demanding MGNREGS based jobs. And the authorities are finding very difficult to provide jobs to everyone as even Graduates are demanding MGNREGS based jobs

Prelims: Economic development

MGNREGA  – Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 2005
  • MGNREGA Scheme is under the Ministry of Rural Development
  • MGNREGA aims at enhancing the livelihood of rural people by providing them with 100 days of wage employment to rural household people who are willing to do unskilled manual work
  • It is implemented in all the districts of the Country
Role of Gram Sabha in MGNREGA:

The Gram Sabha (GS) has the following rights and responsibilities under the Act:

  1. It determines the order of priority of works in the meetings of the Gram Sabha keeping in view the potential of the local area, its needs, local resources
  2. Monitor the execution of works within the GP.
  3. It is the primary forum for the conduct of social audits.

Mini Insights:

Mains GS3 – Economic development

  • Helps in Social Inclusion
  • Right to Work ensured
  • Ponds, well and other assets created and maintained
  • Rural infrastructure enhanced with the help of MGNREGA
  • Strengthening Panchayati Raj Institutions


If employment is provided in MNGREGA, beyond 5 kilometers, they have the right to get a 10% extra wage.

 3. Rare scorpionfish found in Gulf of Mannar:

Prelims GS– Environment & Mains GS3 – Environment

Rare fish from the Sethukarai coast in the Gulf of Mannar has been found by Central Marine Fisheries Institute in the Sea Grass Ecosystem. It was discovered for the first time alive in Marine waters.

Prelims: Environment

  • Scorpionfish (Scorpaenospsisneglecta)
  • Known for its stinging venom
  • colour when touched
  • The spine of scorpionfish contains neurotoxic venom
  • Neurotoxic Venom affects the nervous system/brain of humans.
  • Neurotoxic venom will lead to fatalities

4. SpaceX’s spacecraft successfully launched:

 Prelims GS– Science and Technology & Mains GS3 – Science and Technology

SpaceX is a private company owned by Elon Musk.  SpaceX has recently launched a Dragon Spacecraft with two NASA Astronauts to International Space Station from Kennedy Space Center in Florida and becomes the first private company to launch a Spacecraft into International Space Station. This achievement has been previously done by only three countries the US, China, and Russia. President of US Donald Trump congratulated them for their remarkable achievement

 Prelims: Science and Technology

  • Developed by ISRO
  • ISRO’s GSLV MK III will launch Gaganyaan
  • Gaganyaan mission is an Indian indigenous mission that will take India astronauts to space

Mini Insights

Mains: Science and Technology

In the above context, we need to know that India is also setting up its own Space Station. PlansIndia’s own Space Station

  • India will be setting up its own Space Station in the next 5-6 years
  • To carry out microgravity experiments
  • This own Spacecraft will be placed in Low Earth Orbit
  • Very smaller than International Space Station
  • This will help India to sustain the Human SpaceFlight missions like Gaganyaan
  • India can achieve enormously in Outer Space like ASAT (Mission Shakti)

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