Daily Current Affairs for UPSC Civil Services Exam – 12 June 2021

In Today’s News:

  1. Index of Industrial Production
  2. E-way bills
  3. Khadi Prakritik Paint
  4. Sub Mission on Agricultural Mechanization

1. Index of Industrial Production

News Summary

The Indices of Industrial Production for the Mining, Manufacturing, and Electricity sectors for the month of April 2021 stand at 108.0, 125.1, and 174.0 respectively.

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Prelims GS – Economic Development

Index of Industrial Production: (IIP)
  • Index of Industrial Production is an index that tracks manufacturing activity in various sectors of the economy.
  • The three broad sectors of IIP:
    • Mining,
    • Manufacturing,
    • Electricity
  • Besides these, the Index of eight core industries constitutes 40.27% of the weight of items in IIP.
  • IIP data is compiled and released monthly by the Central Statistical Organisation, Ministry of Statistics, and Programme Implementation.

2. E-Way bills

News Summary

There is a piece of news related to E-way bills and assessment of activity in the industrial sectors.

Prelims GS – Economic Development

E-Way Bill:
  • Electronic way, or e-way bills, are required for inter-State movement of goods worth over ₹50,000.
  • For the intra-State movement, the limits vary from State to State.
  • An E-way bill is a document required by a person in charge of the conveyance carrying any consignment of goods of value exceeding fifty thousand rupees as mandated by the Government in terms of Section 68 of the Goods and Services Tax Act read with Rule 138 of the Rules framed thereunder.
  • It is generated from the GST Common Portal for the E-Way bill system by the registered persons or transporters who cause the movement of goods before the commencement of such movement.
  • The consignor or consignee, as a registered person or a transporter of the goods, can generate the e-way bill.
  • The unregistered transporter can enroll on the common portal and generate the e-way bill for the movement of goods for his/her clients.
  • Any citizen, other than the above, can also generate the e-way bill for the movement of goods for his/her own use.
  • E-Way Bill is one of the projects of the Goods and Services Tax Network(GSTN).

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3. Khadi Prakritik Paint

News Summary

Delhi High Court has directed a Ghaziabad-based trader, who indulged in fraudulent manufacturing and selling of counterfeit Khadi Prakritik Paint, to stop all such activities immediately

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Prelims GS – Science & Technology

Khadi Prakritik paint and benefits to Farmers:
  • The eco-friendly, non-toxic paint, called“Khadi Prakritik Paint is a first-of-its-kind product, with anti-fungal, anti-bacterial properties.
  • Based on cow dung as its main ingredient, the paint is cost-effective and odorless.
  • It has been certified by the Bureau of Indian Standards
  • Khadi Prakritik Paint is available in two forms – distemper paint and plastic emulsion paint
  • Production of Khadi Prakritik Paint is aligned with Hon’ble Prime Minister’s vision of increasing farmers’ income
  • The paint is free from heavy metals like lead, mercury, chromium, arsenic, cadmium, and others.
  • It will be a boost to local manufacturing and will create sustainable local employment through technology transfer
  • This technology will increase the consumption of cow dung as a raw material for eco-friendly products and will generate additional revenue for farmers and gaushalas. 
  • This is estimated to generate an additional income of Rs 30,000 (approx) per annum per animal to farmers/ gaushalas.
  • The utilization of cow dung will also clean the environment and prevent the clogging of drains.

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4. Sub Mission on Agricultural Mechanization

News Summary

To empower the farmers through the Sub-Mission on Agricultural Mechanization (SMAM) scheme, the Government of India has released funds for various activities of Farm Mechanization like Establishment of Custom Hiring Centres, Farm Machinery Bank, High-tech Hubs and distribution of various agricultural machinery, etc to different states.

Mini Insights

Mains GS3 – Agriculture

Sub-Mission on Agricultural Mechanization:
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare has launched a Sub-Mission on Agricultural Mechanization (SMAM) in 2014-15 with the objectives of increasing the reach of farm mechanization to small and marginal farmers and to the regions & difficult areas where farm power availability is low.
  • To boost up mechanization in the agriculture sector improved agricultural implements and machinery are essential inputs for modern agriculture that enhance the productivity of crops besides reducing human drudgery and cost of cultivation.
  • Mechanization also helps in improving the utilization efficiency of other inputs therefore considered to be one of the most important segments of the agriculture sector to boost the income of farmers and growth of the agricultural economy.
  • For strengthening of agricultural mechanization in the country and to bring more inclusiveness, Sub-Mission on Agricultural Mechanization (SMAM) has been introduced with the main objectives of are to promote ‘Custom Hiring Centres’ and ‘Hi-tech Hubs of High-Value Machines’ to offset the adverse economies of scale arising due to small and fragmented landholding and high cost of individual ownership; Creating awareness among stakeholders through demonstration and capacity-building activities and ensuring performance testing and certification of agricultural machines at designated testing centers located all over the country.

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