Daily Current Affairs for UPSC Civil Services Exam – 14 June 2021

In Today’s News:

  1. Pyrostria laljii
  2. iDEX
  3. G7 summit
  4. Ransomware attacks

1. Pyrostria lajii

News Summary

A tree of the coffee family has been found in the Andaman and Nicobar islands.

Prelims GS – Environment

Pyrostria laljii:
  • Pyrostria laljii is a 15-meter tall tree belonging to the genus of the coffee family.
  • It has been recently found in Andaman and Nicobar islands.
  • Pyrostria laljii is the first record of genus Pyrostria in India.
  • Genus Pyrostria plants are generally found in Madagascar.
  • The tree has a long stem with a whitish coating on the trunk and oblong-obovate leaves with a cuneate base
  • IUCN status: Critically Endangered

2. iDEX

News Summary

Raksha Mantri Shri Rajnath Singh has approved the budgetary support of Rs 498.8 crore to Innovations for Defence Excellence (iDEX) – Defence Innovation Organisation (DIO) for the next five years.

Click here to view the PIB release.

Prelims GS – Governance

iDEX challenge:
  • iDEX aims at the creation of an ecosystem to foster innovation and technology development in Defence and Aerospace by engaging Industries including MSMEs, start-ups, individual innovators, R&D institutes & academia.
  • iDEX will be funded and managed by a ‘Defence Innovation Organization (DIO)’ which has been formed as a ‘not for profit company as per Section 8 of the Companies Act 2013 for this purpose, by the two founder members i.e. Defence Public Sector Undertakings (DPSUs) – HAL & BEL.
  • iDEX will function as the executive arm of DIO, carrying out all the required activities while DIO will provide high-level policy guidance to iDEX.
  • iDEX–DIO has the primary objective of self-reliance and indigenization in the defense & aerospace sector of the country.
  • The scheme, with budgetary support of Rs 498.8 crore for the next five years, is aimed at providing financial support to nearly 300 start-ups/MSMEs/individual innovators and 20 partner incubators under the DIO framework.

Click here to view the official website of iDEX.

3. G7 summit

News Summary

On the second day of the Outreach Sessions of the G7 Summit, Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi took part in two sessions titled ‘Building Back Together—Open Societies and Economies’ and ‘Building Back Greener: Climate and Nature’.

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Prelims GS – International Relations

  • G7 is an International Intergovernmental group of countries.
  • It consists of the 7 largest advanced economies of the World as members. They are,
    • US
    • UK
    • Canada
    • France
    • Germany
    • Japan
    • Italy
  • India is not a member of the G7.
  • The U.K. is hosting the 2021 G7 summit.

4. Ransomware attacks

News Summary

There is an article related to cyberattacks of Ransomware and the need for data protection.

Prelims GS – Science & Technology

  • Ransomware is malicious software that infects your computer and displays messages demanding a fee to be paid in order for your system to work again.
  • This class of malware is a criminal moneymaking scheme that can be installed through deceptive links in an email message, instant message, or website.
  • It has the ability to lock a computer screen or encrypt important, predetermined files with a password.
  • Eg: Wannacry, Petya, Eternal Blue, Scareware, etc.

Click here to view the Courtesy: Kaspersky website.




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