6. Bhumi Samvaad

Bhumi Samvaad is a National Workshop on Digital India Land Record Modernisation Programme (DILRMP) that was held recently at India Habitat Centre here in the national capital.


  1. Under the scheme, a 14-digit identification number will be issued to every plot of land in the country.
  2. It is being described as “the Aadhaar for land”  a number that would uniquely identify every surveyed parcel of land and prevent land fraud, especially in rural India, where land records are outdated and disputed.
  3. The identification will be based on the longitude and latitude of the land parcel and is dependent on detailed surveys and geo-referenced cadastral maps.
  4. The benefits of ALPIN are multitudinous.
  5. The single source of information can authenticate the ownership and in turn, it can end the dubious ownership.
  6. It will help identify the government lands easily and protect the land from shabby land transactions.