Daily Current Affairs for UPSC Civil Services Exam – 24 July 2020

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  1. Deepening India-South Korea ties.

1. Deepening India-South Korea ties.

News Summary

India and South Korea have recently signed many bilateral agreements to deepen their ties and take their ties to the next level. The economic partnership is still stuck at $22 billion annually. To strengthen ties between India and South Korea, people from both India and South Korea must enhance their cultural ties and move closer to each other.

Mini Insights

Mains GS2 – International Relations

India – South Korea – Deepening Cultural relations:
  • Though the leaders have made efforts to deepen ties, there have been some cultural prejudices on both sides which appears to be a roadblock to the relationship.
  • Mutual respect regarding cultural values is the key to building a robust partnership between the two countries.
  • Filling the information gap that creates a gulf between two strong cultures is required to build a strong healthy relationship between the two countries.
  • A step in the right direction was the establishment of the Indian Culture Centre (ICC) in Seoul almost 10 years ago.
  • Indian Culture Centre in Seoul helps in the promotion of People-People contacts.
  • ICC helps in promoting South Indian dances to the students of South Korea. This is highly commendable.
  • Yet ICC should move towards reaching more people and enable them to know about India’s culture.
  • The same is applicable to South Korean culture centers in India.
  • India and South Korea will be able to help each other mutually if they can fill the cultural gaps.
  • The strengthening of bonds between India and South Korea will be better for all Asian Democracies.


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