Daily Current Affairs for UPSC Civil Services Exam – 25 May 2021

In Today’s News:

  1. Target Olympic Podium scheme.
  2. Lunar Eclipse.
  3. GI certified Shahi Litchi exported to the U.K.

1. Target Olympic Podium scheme

News Summary

Tennis player Ankita Raina has been added to the Target Olympic Podium Scheme at a meeting held by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports.

Prelims GS – Governance

  • The Target Olympic Podium Scheme is a flagship program of the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports which is an attempt to provide assistance to India’s top athletes.
  • The Scheme looks to add a premium to the preparations of these athletes so that they can win Olympic medals in the 2020 and 2024 Olympics.
  • Under the Scheme, the Department of Sports shall identify athletes who are potential medal winners in the 2020 / 2024 Olympics.
  • The main objective of the Scheme is to provide added impetus towards the athlete’s preparations, over and above what is planned under the Annual Calendar of Training and Competition (ACTC). The selected athletes can seek assistance under the Scheme for the following:- –
    • (a) Customized training under reputed coaches at institutes having world-class facilities.
    • (b) Participation in international competition.
    • (c) Purchase of equipment.
    • (d) Services of support staff/personnel like Physical Trainer, Sports Psychologist, Mental Trainer, and Physiotherapist, etc.
    • (e) Any other support specific to the sports discipline.
    • (f) Out-of-pocket allowance of Rs. 50,000/- (Rupees fifty thousand only) a month to the athletes as an incentive

Click here to know more about the TOPS scheme on the official website.

2. Lunar Eclipse

News Summary

The partial phase of the lunar eclipse will be visible in India on May 26, 2021.

Prelims GS – Geography/Science & Technology

Lunar Eclipse:
  • A lunar eclipse occurs on a full moon day when the Earth comes in between the Sun and the Moon and when all the three objects are aligned.
  • A total lunar eclipse will occur when the whole Moon comes under the umbral shadow of the Earth.
  • The partial lunar eclipse occurs when only a part of the Moon comes under the umbral shadow of the Earth.

Click here to view the official PIB release.

3. GI certified Shahi Litchi exported to the U.K.

News Summary

In a major boost to the export of GI-certified products, the season’s first consignment of Shahi Litchi from Bihar was exported to the United Kingdom by the air route.

Prelims GS – Art & Culture/Governance

Shahi Litchi:
  • Shahi litchi was the fourth agricultural product to get GI certification from Bihar in 2018, afterJardalu mango, Katarni rice, and Magahi paan.
  • GI registration for Shahi Litchi is held with the Muzaffarpur-based Litchi Growers Association of Bihar.
  • Muzzafarpur, Vaishali, Samastipur, Champaran, Begusarai districts, and adjoining areas of Bihar have favorable climates for growing Shahi Litchi.
  • India is the second-largest producer of litchi (Litchi chin) in the world, after China.
  • The translucent, flavored aril or edible flesh of the litchi is popular as a table fruit in India, while in China and Japan it is preferred in dried or canned form.
  • Bihar tops in terms of the production of litchi.

Click here to view the Courtesy: official PIB release.

GI tags:
  • GI tags are known as Geographic Indication tags.
  • It is an indication or a sign which specifies that it originates from a definite geographical territory.
  • GI tags are used to identify agricultural, natural, handicrafts, or manufactured goods.
  • In December 1999, the Parliament had passed the Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act,1999 in order to comply with the obligations to WTO i.e. World Trade Organization.(UPSC Prelims Question 2018)
  • The Act would be administered by the Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trade Marks- who is the Registrar of Geographical Indications
  • Geographical Indications are covered as an element of Intellectual Property Rights(IPR) under the TRIPS Agreement (WTO Agreement).
  • GI tags registration is valid for 10 years.
  • Darjeeling Tea is the first product to receive GI tag in India
Some Examples of GI tags:(Match type Questions have been asked in UPSC Prelims)
  • Tirupathi Laddu – Andhra Pradesh
  • Dindigul Locks – Tamilnadu
  • Arumbavur Wood Carvings – Tamilnadu
  • Kandangi saree  – Tamilnadu
  • Sohrai – Khovar Painting – Jharkhand
  • Telia Rumal – Telangana
  • Kashmir Saffron – J&K
  • Chak Hao – Manipur

For more information on the GI tag products, click here to view the pdf list.

Mini Insights

Mains GS3 – Economic Development(IPR)

Benefits of GI Tags:
  • It confers legal protection to Geographical Indications in India
  • It helps farmers/producers to get the best remunerative prices.
  • It helps the product to acquire more prominence in the export market.
  • It also prevents the adulteration prevalent in the trade.
  • It prevents unauthorized use of a Registered Geographical Indication by others
  • It promotes the economic prosperity of producers of goods produced in a geographical territory.

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