UPSC civil services exam (IAS/ IPS/IFS)! Are you in search of your right coaching for IAS exam preparation?

Freeze! You are in the right place. We provide a complete online civil services exam course package for you to clear the UPSC civil services exam. This IAS exam preparation course is crafted carefully keeping in mind that this exam tests your knowledge, approach to solving the problem, analytical capabilities, and also your stress management. However, it is also carefully considered this exam is not a test to your memory alone. We are working hard to roll out this course soon.

How does this course go?

This UPSC civil services exam course primarily aims to give you a one-stop solution by a smarter and engaging preparation channel. This course will lead you throughout your preparation period with sufficient video classes, current affairs, tests, and necessary printed materials. This course will surely accompany your ambition of becoming an IAS officer.

What does this course include?

It includes almost everything needed for cracking the UPSC civil services exam. All the needed elements for preliminary examination and general studies paper for the mains exam will be comprehensively covered. The important elements like the static classes comprising fundamentals and concepts, current affairs and current affairs based subject explanations, strategies to answering questions, tests with marks, test reports, self-preparation plan and mentor guidance will make you comfortably prepare for IAS exam. However, Optional papers and language papers will not be covered.

Course highlights of this Coaching for IAS exam

Guided preparation plan

Immersing video classes

Complete coverage to exam

Current affairs to the exam

Comprehensive to the syllabus

The features making this course the best Coaching for IAS exam

Self-Preparation plan for Civil service exam

Self-preparation plan

A detailed preparation timeline for the entire IAS exam preparation will give you a clear plan on what to do every day. The plan guides the aspirant through the milestones and the way to reach the target.

Immersing video classes

The visualized concepts are highly reproducible in all stages, especially in the exams. These video classes are made with innovative visuals that fit into your brain library in the way it can be easily picked out when needed.

Video classes make your learning immersing
Complete coverage to the civil service exam in all dimensions

Complete coverage to exam

The exam syllabus is covered comprehensively. You need not search for different sources of preparation materials and you need not lost yourself searching for materials. We are here to do it for you.

Current affairs to the exam

Comprehensive current affairs lessons will be given as video classes explaining from all subjects' point of view. Even though it covers everything you need to know, we strongly recommend you to read the newspaper to enhance your reading, writing, thinking and analytical skills.
Current affairs play a very important role in UPSC civil services exam because practically the current affairs are very important for civil service officers.

Current affairs as required to the exam
Compact and comprehensive to the civil services exam

Compact and comprehensive to the syllabus

All classes are very comprehensive as well as compact to the syllabus. This ensures aspirant spends optimum time for preparation effectively and efficiently.

Smooth learning curve

We do not want aspirants to have a spiky learning experience. The civil services exam preparation is a challenging task but with our precisely designed preparation plan and refined classes, we ensure you the smoothest learning curve.

Learning smoothly for IAS exam
Basics are important

Fundamentals are the pillars

Comprehensive video classes will emphasize the fundamentals of the concepts. This is the essential foundation or pillars for your enormous knowledge gaining and developing appropriate analytical skills from the current affairs.

Time is vital

This course ensures you do not get distracted by surroundings, such as social media, unimportant news, irrelevant material. Your time will also be protected from your gadget pinging. Exclaimed! This course includes a device that will enhance your time by showing you things only relevant to your course.

Time is vital for Civil service exam preparation
Optional and language papers

Optional and Language papers – coming soon

We are working on it, but not yet ready to take you through optional papers and your regional language paper. Soon we will be there. However, the preparation timeline will have time allocated for your optional papers and regional language.

Facing the exam

Even though the knowledge drives you through the exam, strategies in writing the answers are significant to clear the exam. This course teaches you how to answer different types of questions to score the high and clear the IAS exam.

Facing the civil service exam

The Pillars we accomplish

Learning Curve

This coaching for the IAS exam takes a refined success targeted smooth learning curve.

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