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Project Elephant- An Overview for UPSC Exams

Introduction Environment is a subject that holds immense importance in the UPSC Civil services examinations. It guarantees a candidate good marks if he is thorough with all the major landmarks that have happened in the field. Today, this article will cover one such important topic- Project Elephant. UPSC civil services exam – Mains GS3 – […]

Indian States and their Features

Introduction India, being a Union of States, has its own history and diversity. It has 28 states and 8 union territories. This article gives you a better understanding about the Indian states, as it focuses on the history & geography, important rivers, famous tourist spots, agriculture, fairs and festivals of the states. The aspirants can […]

POSHAN ABHIYAAN – Critical analysis for UPSC exams

Introduction Poshan Abhiyaan is a scheme earlier known as the “National Nutrition Mission” which seeks to improve the nutritional outcomes of children, pregnant women, and lactating mothers. The implementing agency is the Ministry of Women and Child Development. More than 10 crore people will be benefitted from this program. “Poshan Abhiyaan” is one of the […]

National Medical Commission Act

A comprehensive analysis for UPSC Civil Service Exam Introduction The Medical Council of India (MCI) was responsible for regulating medical education and practice in India. According to the 92nd Report of Parliamentary Standing Committee, MCI had lacked the quality of medical education, basic health care competence and unethical practices in the medical field were followed […]

Is BIMSTEC an alternative to SAARC? – A comprehensive analysis for UPSC Civil Service

Introduction International organizations facilitate cooperation and coordination among member nations. India, one of the nations in the South Asian Region, is a member of both SAARC and BIMSTEC. The South Asian region covers three percent of the total land in the world. The South Asian region has a diverse socio-economic set up with a young […]

Securing Women through Schemes – A comprehensive analysis for UPSC Civil Service Examination

Securing women through schemes – A comprehensive analysis for UPSC Civil Service Examination Introduction Women are already strong but they are sometimes portrayed as weak. In reality, they can face any kind of crisis. Indian Government has taken many steps to create a frictionless environment for women. The Government of India has had various schemes […]

Understanding women under ‘laws’

Understanding women under ‘laws’ – A comprehensive analysis for UPSC Civil Service Examination Introduction Women are said to be the ultimate strength and support behind the success of an individual. But, there are a lot of discriminations and differentiations in the name of gender. Women empowerment in developed countries is far better than in developing […]

Is online learning in schools/colleges a new normal?

Subject wise insight for UPSC civil service exam (Prelims and mains) Mains GS2 – Education / Mains Essay Paper Introduction This essay contains a description of interventions related to e-learning undertaken by various digital modes in India. It further provides the descriptions of all activities, programs and interventions of e-learning in this modern era. As […]

Wildlife Sanctuaries in India (for UPSC Civil service exam preparation)

“Wildlife sanctuaries” is one of the key areas being tested by the UPSC civil services exam every year. So, It is important to have knowledge about the wildlife sanctuaries and the terminologies related to them. This topic “wildlife sanctuaries” predominantly falls under the syllabus of preliminary exam – environmental ecology, and the mains exam General […]

India-China Relations – A Comprehensive Analysis for UPSC Civil Services Examination

In this topic,  a detailed analysis has been given regarding the relationship between India and China from a historical, geographical, social, political, and economic point of view, especially after independence. It is important to know about China’s contribution to Ancient and Medieval India through religion and trade. The disputes, agreements, economical conditions, environmental issues between […]