Online UPSC Prelims – Test Series

Importance of Test Series

Preparing for the exam and analyzing its progress go hand in hand. You cannot just keep on preparing without testing your progress, and for a prestigious exam like the UPSC examination, no aspirants can afford to take the bait.

How do you test or track your progress?

The only solution is taking mock tests. After you are done reading the basic books, you should start attempting topic-wise mock tests weekly and as you upgrade your preparation, accordingly upgrade the level of your mock tests as well.

Test Series help point out your weakness on any particular topic so that you can focus more on it. The concept is of utmost importance for this exam. Test Series help you understand your hold on the subject or topic.

Appearing for such a prestigious exam needs a confident mindset when sitting in the exam hall. Nervousness can lead to confusion which will hamper the performance of the aspirants in the examination. Test series helps you get familiar with the exam scenario.

Apart from accuracy, speed is also a factor needed to qualify in the examination. Test series help maintain the presence of mind when appearing for the final exam. Summing it all up, the Test series is like the practice sessions before the final game.

How to choose a Test Series?

As the UPSC preliminary exam 2021 approaches, the aspirants are piled with notifications via SMS, E-mails advertising about the test series at attractive prices. With so many options out there in the market, the aspirants get confused and finally end up buying the wrong test pack. So, here are few simple steps to follow when choosing a test series:-

With so many options out there, the first step is to narrow down your choices. Select all those test series you have heard of.

The next step is comparing the test pack platform mode-website or mobile application or hard copy. Narrow down your search with the option that suits you the best.

Of the test pack providers, compare within themselves the trial or demo tests and the set of full tests provided. Check if the questions set are as per the examination trend and are within the area of the syllabus.

After you further limit the options, never fall into the psychological trap of seeing more tests in the test pack. There are many test packs with 30-50 tests. Attempting 10-15 good quality tests are sufficient for the exam and it takes around 30-45 hrs of your time to complete those. The most important factor is quality.

To understand the quality of the test series, enroll for a trial pack with 1-2 tests.

Thoroughly check the quality and validate that the test pack provides detailed explanations of the questions. So, that you can properly understand the concept behind the answer to that particular question. Understanding is the key here.

Qualitative Minimal is best. Select 1-2 test packs from the lot and utilize the tests to their fullest.

How to analyze?

The word ‘analysis’ holds an important place in the Civil Services Examination. Be it looking at the syllabus or going through a topic we need to analyze it thoroughly. Similar is the case when choosing a test series and attempting it. And it is very simple. Taking a test!

Before you wish to buy a test series, you should always appear for the free demo test available. The motive here is not to see how much did you score but to look at the quality of questions asked. Compare those questions with the previous year’s question paper to see the quality of questions framed. Consider around 3-5 demo test series from different reputed sources. Having too many options can confuse you and waste your time.

After you find your perfect test pack, it is up to you to choose the free version or the paid version depending on the facilities provided in the pack. Once you start appearing for the mock test keep up the consistency and increase the number of mock tests to be attempted in a day gradually.

Why us?

By now, you have been well aware of the various benefits of a test series. As you make up your mind to choose one, we would like you to narrow your search and save a bit of your precious time. We have our own UPSC Prelims Test Pack for all the serious aspirants out there struggling hard to reach their dream goal. The test pack is handcrafted keeping in mind the latest examination trend, and as per the recommendations of the top mentors of UPSC.

The Test Pack

Our application has a test pack, with series of tests to brush up your preparation for the upcoming UPSC Civil Services Examination, 2021. The test series available right now is for the General Studies-I of the Preliminary Exam. There is another golden opportunity for the aspirants. Aspirants can now opt for the free version to smoothen up their UPSC preparation or to check on our quality of material provided for the exam preparation. If you are satisfied with the quality of our work, you can enroll with our premium version of the UPSC Preliminary Examination as well. Our premium version of the test series will definitely help you take a step ahead of your competitors in the fight for your dream position.

Why opt for our Test Pack?

There are few features that bring out the essence of a quality Test Series. Out test series includes all those features necessary and helpful for the aspirants to give a boost in their exam preparation. Both the free and paid version of our UPSC Preliminary General Studies Paper-I are incorporated with similar features. They are:-


  • Mock Tests-

Mock tests help aspirants understand their progress. It guides them on what their next preparation strategy could be. Mock tests help aspirants analyze their weaknesses and strengths in a particular subject. On the basis of it, they can carry on with their preparation. The UPSC Syllabus is very vast. As the exam approaches, it is not possible to revise each and every topic from scratch. This is another reason why opting for mock tests is a necessity. Quality mock-tests contain questions that are most expected to come in the actual examination. When attempting those questions, you can figure out the areas you need to brush up on or the areas you missed during your preparation. Mock tests are like a reality check of your preparation for the examination.


  • Live Mock Tests:-

Mock tests are like the mini version of the actual Examination. It prepares the aspirants for the ultimate fight. The examination is not all about preparation. It includes with it various other segments related to examination such as managing stress, maintaining speed and accuracy, relaxing mindset, focused attempts, and similar other aspects. Mock Tests help relieve the aspirants of all this mental stress as well apart from analyzing their progress. Sitting for long hours at a stretch is not an easy task. Appearing regular mock tests would help the aspirants prepare mentally for the exam scenario.

Our live mock tests are set similar to the actual Preliminary Exam Paper allowing aspirants to experience similar exam scenarios when attempting the test.


  • National Ranking

Appearing for the regular mock tests would let you know your progress. With our test pack, we compare the marks of all the aspirants appearing for that particular examination and allot them ranks based on their performances. This is a very healthy option to compare your progress with the other aspirants appearing for the same examination. Providing the same level playing field and comparing the preparation progress will definitely spike up your motivation to do some serious hard work if not excelling well in the mock tests.

The ranking gives you an idea of where you stand in the competition and what all measures you can take to crack the exam at ease.


  • Individual Subject-wise Test

Unlike other exams, UPSC Examination is a kind of exam where you need to give equal importance to all the subjects mentioned in the syllabus along with a detailed analysis of each topic. Each subject in the syllabus is somehow co-related to one another and when preparing for the exam aspirants tend to study it that way. In the process, there is a slight probability of missing out few topics and for such a highly competitive exam, aspirants cannot afford to miss out on any topic. In this scenario, Individual Subject-wise Test comes to the rescue. Such tests help you test your preparation score on each individual subject.

Our Individual Subject-wise test series are equipped with questions from each topic of the respective subjects. We assure that aspirants would not miss out on any topic once they attempt these mock tests.

  • Refreshing Quizzes

As the saying goes, “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.” Similarly, serious continuous preparation is of no good. We need to relax. But the preparation must go on as well. Don’t Worry! We got it all covered. Our test packs offer many refreshing quizzes which will not only help you freshen up your mood but also keep your preparation pace going. All the quizzes are based on the syllabus of the examination and are framed in a manner that would excite the aspirants when attempting those quizzes. Adopting a fun way of preparing keeps the exam stress at bay.


  • Detailed Explanations along with solutions

Only attempting the mock tests is of no good. After you are done with the test, you should spend enough time checking out the answers. If you marked an answer wrong, you should thoroughly check the detailed explanation behind the correct answer to omit the wrong concept on the topic. This is the most important part when attempting the mock tests. Properly going through all the questions and making appropriate notes wherever needed is highly recommended.

We provide a detailed explanation of every question asked in the mock tests. The explanations are done in a manner needed for the UPSC exam, with its background, main content till its analysis. Aspirants do not have to consult any other resources to understand their questions.


  • Detailed Progress Reports and Analysis

Attempting only one or two mock tests is never enough. An aspirant should start attempting from the beginning itself and increase the pace once the exam approaches near. The next most important thing is to keep a record of your progress so that you can map out the road to your goal. When attempting individual tests it becomes difficult and time-consuming to manage the progress reports and thus no proper analysis can be done to understand the aspirant’s weakness and strength.

With our test series, you can get detailed and updated reports of your preparation and modify your strategy if needed on the basis of your performance. There is no time to guess and predict regarding your preparation. Get an accurate analysis of your progress by attempting our test series and start your action!


When it comes to UPSC Exam, Test series are a must. It keeps your preparation on track and gives you a real-time analysis of whether you are heading in the right direction towards your goal. It is such a competitive exam; an aspirant cannot afford to lose their time looking for test series or resources. It is advised to buy a test pack that includes a series of mock tests, quizzes, detailed explanations, progress reports, rankings, and similar others. The question that should arise in the mind of an aspirant is which test series they should buy rather than whether or not to buy a test series.


An aspirant should leave no stones unturned to reach their dream goal. This is the goal of lakhs and lakhs of aspirants, only a few get to see the light. If appearing for the mock tests contributes to simplifying your hard work, there is no reason to deny it. Choose the right test pack and start giving the tests. We are always there for our aspirants to help them reach their dream goals. Our team is happy to help them by launching the online UPSC prelims test series. The test series is available in both free and paid versions for the convenience of the aspirants.